A Prayer for Lent

My friend Bekah is cool.  She put this prayer up at her blog on Ash Wednesday and I have been praying through it a lot . . . you should read it.  Better yet, you should pray it.

It’s called “A Time of Turning Around” by Jan Sutch Pickard:

Truly dust we are, and to dust we shall return;
and truly yours we are,
and to you we shall return.
Help this to be a time of turning round and beginning again.

Through the forty days of Lent, help us to follow you and find you:
in the discipline of praying
and in the drudgery of caring –
in whatever we deny ourselves,
and whatever we set ourselves to learn to do.

Help us to discover you in our loneliness and in community,
in our emptiness and our fulfillment,
in our sadness and our laughter.

Help us to find you when we  ourselves are lost.
Help us to follow you on the journey to Jerusalem
to the waving palms of people’s hope,
to their rejection,
to the cross and empty tomb.
Help us to perceive new growth amid the ashes of the old.

Help us, carrying your cross, to be signs of your Kingdom.


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