I’m trying to get myself back into the blogging habit, but it takes a surprising amount of energy sometimes.  But, lest I let my faithful readers down, here’s some things I’ve been reading:

Richard Beck is writing a series of notes on The Deliverance of God, a hefty theological work by Douglas Campbell which basically undermines all of the major presuppositions you and I bring to our reading of St. Paul.

Harper’s Magazine put out an article last week indicating that three innocent men being held without charges at Guantanamo Bay were tortured to death—you might say, murdered.  In related news, you haven’t heard about this on TV.

In the middle of all this talk about Haiti, one thing that might be good, in addition to donating some money to the Mennonite Central Committee, would be to read Juan Cole’s gentle reminder that this disaster wouldn’t have been nearly as horrific were it not for the West’s long history of exploitative practices toward the nation.

Yeah, the news sucks lately . . . kind of makes blogging depressing.

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