Quote for the Day

My friends. It’s impossible to maintain the current situation. It will lead to the destruction of human life. However, the question is that what is the solution? Based on what has been said, it’s clear that the main and key solution is to return to divine and humane values. God has created man as a dear creature. He has desired mankind’s integrity, growth and prosperity. He has granted man rights and invited mankind to monotheism, justice and righteousness. He didn’t allow discrimination and injustice to exist. God has asked humans to respect each other’s rights, to be compassionate toward one another, to help each other’s progress and development, to share their happiness and sadness, to sacrifice what they have for the sake of the prosperity and welfare of others, to make justice and fairness the basis of their behavior toward nature and each other, and to avoid gluttony and seeking supremacy over each other.

That’s–you guessed it–oh wait, no you didn’t–Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking on climate change.

(Hat tip: Juan Cole)

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