An American Heresy

BibleBeltBlogger tells us the true, terrifying story of your typical service at Agape Church in Little Rock.  It’s some kind of liturgy from hell, and here’s it’s Nicene Creed:

The tithe guarantees financial favor.
The tithe guarantees your covenant partnership with God.
The tithe is proof of honor.
The tithe is proof of obedience.
The tithe silences the devourer in your life.
The tithe guarantees consistent harvest on your seed.
The tithe opens the windows of heaven …

The whole story is here.  There is a special place in hell for people who preach this kind of thing . . . if only Dante were still alive.  I’m sure he’d have a good idea of what poetic justice might look like for Kenneth Copeland.

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One Response to An American Heresy

  1. youngromantic says:

    That message–though not in liturgy form–is often preached at my former home church, not in the Bible Belt USA but in Southern Ontario, Canada, specifically that last bit about the windows of heaven. It’s always irritated me a little bit; not that I’m against tithing, but the all-out focus on it in North American culture is more than a little unsettling.

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