Quote for the Day

Mother Teresa’s story helps us see that the “sick soul” isn’t unfaithful, immature, deviant, rare or dysfunctional. In fact, many of the greatest saints, living and dead, were and are “sick souls,” saints of darkness. And secondly, the story of Mother Teresa shows some of the inadequacy of Freud’s thesis concerning illusion, consolation and faith. No doubt, many cling to a notion of God that is comforting, childish, superficial and sweet. Many churches do avoid the harsh witness of the lament psalms. But Freud’s thesis, we must also admit, has great difficulty explaining why someone would pursue a heroic life among the poorest of the poor in the service of a God who didn’t love you.

Dr. Richard Beck, in the middle of his engrossing series, “The Varieties and Illusions of Religion Experience.”  It starts here.

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