Funny People

Go see it.

What’s consistently impressive and ironic to me about Judd Apatow’s work is that all of the penis jokes, sex, and generally crass humor roundly condemned by, say, Focus on the Family, tend to act as a cloak for what ends up being a very compelling, and, I think, surprisingly conservative moral vision.  40-Year-Old Virgin, as I understood it, was a film about chastity in a culture of porn.  Knocked Up, in turn, was about responsibility, perseverance, and owning up to your mistakes.  And Funny People is, in the end, a story that triumphs the service of others in a self-serving world.

It’s a brilliant move, really: take a story about a man who finds salvation from hedonism through the service of others and put in the trojan horse of masturbation jokes, lots of sex, and some pretty good stand-up.


More on the film later, maybe.

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One Response to Funny People

  1. fin says:

    honestly? i would agree.
    the undercurrent of his world view in the films isn’t as subtle as some might imagine, and i find the juxtaposition of penis humor and traditional values intriguing, to say the least.
    i don’t know if i identify with it, but at least i’m laughing while attempting to decide.

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