I Think They Call This Progress

Jimmy Carter just severed his ties with the Southern Baptist Convention after six decades of membership.  The issue?  Women’s rights.  Southern Baptists represent one of the most conservative denominations around today, and their repeated twisting of Scripture and theology in order to exalt men over women has finally driven the former president to leave.  Loudly.

Forget gays in the priesthood.  This is the most important issue currently facing the Church in America.

My (admittedly, borrowed) thoughts on gender, religion, and Scripture here.

Part 1 of a fictional dialogue I wrote on Islam, Christianity, and feminism here.

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One Response to I Think They Call This Progress

  1. crunchyanne says:

    Hey. I just started a new blog on Blogger and I thought I’d let you know. It’s pretty much about Christian womanhood/wifedom/motherhood, but it may contain some gems about feminism that you’ll like (or hate. 🙂 So whatev. I just thought I’d share, since we have been talking about the issue every now and again.


    p.s. You need to come visit again with the lovely Adri sometime soon!

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