You got us.

This guy has got to be an angry ex-fundy, most of whom tend to be pretty unreasonable, but this post should bring any Christian up short.

Yikes.  Just a reminder, folks: the Bible isn’t a bunch of quotable sayings to buttress your theology with.  It’s a very long story, it’s difficult to read, and it’s difficult to interpret.  Know your stuff.

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One Response to You got us.

  1. Nope. Not an angry ex-fundy, nor am I unreasonable. Just an ex-Christian that admitted he had wasted most of his life believing in fairy tales.

    There is nothing unreasonable about admitting we don’t have all of the answers. Especially when the supposed answers are in primitive and highly flawed words of wicked men that thought that slaves were useful, women were possessions, homosexuals should be killed and the earth is flat and at the center of the universe.

    It’s time we all admit that we don’t know for certain why we are here on earth. But we can certainly do better than believing obviously flawed theology and texts.

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