The Future of Suburbia

Source: wikimedia

Source: wikimedia

For those of you who share my disdain for suburbia–not suburban people, necessarily, but suburbia as a way of planning and (mis)using space—and who are interested to see what happens to these areas in twenty, thirty, fifty years, the Freakonomics blog hosted a quorum on the very topic about a year ago.  They asked 7 “smart people” the question, “What will U.S. suburbs look like in 40 years?” and let them have at it.

Money quote, from James Kunstler:

The suburbs have three destinies, none of them exclusive: as materials salvage, as slums, and as ruins.

Read the whole thing and consider: you are unlikely to raise your kids in the same environment you were brought up in yourself.  By the time you have grandchildren, the suburbs will have changed drastically, both in their appearance and in their demographic makeup.

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