Progress on the Home Front

Family reunion was this weekend at the beach.  The Oregon coast, as far as the view goes, is unparalleled in its beauty.  At least, I think so.  Oregon beaches and family go together for me like school and Seattle:

(Image courtesy of flickr-er nealrabogliatti)

The California coastline, however, will always be my road-trip crew’s territory.  You know who you are.

So, two days ago at the beach, my youngest brother asked me if I wanted to play a game.  I would have wasted the opportunity, too, having just woken up and thus being quite grumpy, if my ladyfriend hadn’t alerted me to the rarity of the occasion.  So, Phase 10, a card game, it was.

I’m a person who thrives on good conversation, and sometimes I forget that, especially for guys, I think, it’s often easier to connect through doing things, rather than talking about them.  Lesson learned.  Again.

The next day, my mom gave my other brother and I some money to get burgers at the oceanside cafe, which was excellent, except for the fact that they were out of hamburger buns, so I had mine on a croissant.  It tasted awkward, like it wasn’t sure whether it wanted to be breakfast or lunch.  Also, croissants and mayo don’t mix.  Lesson learned.  Let that be the first and last time.

Point is, I had my brother cornered for a good forty-five minutes while we ate lunch.  Not that the conversation was that awesome, but I got him talking about work and school, so I think that was good.  Driving a conversation is difficult for me; luckily we finished our food pretty quick, because I was running out of ideas.

Anyway, if I get a dozen meaningful exchanges out of what is hopefully my last summer in Vancouver, then I will consider it all worth it.

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