Quote for the Day

This seems like a step in the right direction:

“I believe that, at its best and undistorted by sin (and these are of course huge qualifiers), the constant invention and reinvention of gender roles is an expression of our creation-based sense that women and men need each other. Thus, we search for ways to symbolize that need. In this sense, the practice of gender-role complementarity is very much like a sacrament . . . But sacraments, like everything else in life, can be abused . . .

Moreover, the use of sacraments can become legalistic. Instead of being seen as flexible symbols of a deeper relationship that God has already established, they can become vehicles of works-righteousness–activities that we think (or that someone else tells us) we “must” perform to prove our worth or earn favor with God and others. When gender roles take on this distorted function, as they all too often do, then they cease to enhance and instead begin to stifle the God-given personhood of both men and women.” —Mary Stewart vanLeeuwen

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