Going “home”

One of the strange things about college is going home.  Whether its heading north to Seattle or south to the ‘Couve, I am always, in some sense, “home”.  But that sense is fading lately, as I increasingly think of myself as a Seattleite and less of a Vancouver, er, -ean.

People speak of putting down roots in a place.  Fair enough.  But people don’t really take root in places, they take root in other people, so when everyone leaves SPU, suddenly my roots span a continent.  Perhaps that is where home is, with those people in those places, wherever they happen to be.  I have a home in Vancouver.  I have a home in Seattle.  I have homes in Denver and Colorado Springs, in Philadelphia, Maryland, and in San Diego, in Canada, rural Oregon, and Portland.  I haven’t even been to some of those places.  But I’ve loved all the people who live there.  Hmm.  If I love enough people, perhaps I will always be going home.

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