Why Language Matters

This the current caption on CNN.com’s picture of the rally that took place today in Tehran.

Hundreds of thousands of people jammed the streets of Tehran in support of defeated Iranian presidential candidate Mir Hossein Moussavi. Moussavi appeared at the demonstration to address what CNN’s Christiane Amanpour said was a largely peaceful crowd. Later, there were reports of a shooting.

Notice: defeated presidential candidate.  Problem is that he more than likely won the thing, but if you were just scanning the headlines of today’s news, you’d never know about all of the controversy surrounding the de facto legitimacy of the whole electoral process in Iran.  It’s almost certainly a sham, a charade of an election.  But despite mounting evidence to the contrary, CNN’s caption implies a legitimate victory for Ahmadinejad.

Bad news.  Bad.

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One Response to Why Language Matters

  1. fin says:

    so, it’s troubling when alleged democracies don’t work out too well. and it sucks that not only is MA probably going to stay in power, but there will be some people who die before that becomes exceedingly clear.
    sometimes it’s hard to remember that people in iran are just people too, like you and me, and probably aren’t any more thrilled about theocracy than we are. elections like this help bring that into perspective.

    go read or watch persepolis.

    and in the meantime, let’s take a deep breath and remember when homeboy was in new york:

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