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Friday was election day in Iran, and more than a few people are unhappy with the supposed results.  Ahmadinejad, the incumbent president whom we all know and love, was being challenged by a guy named Moussavi.  Ahmadinejad is very conservative and anti-Western, and Moussavi is, well, not.  He’s managed to garner a lot of support from young urbanites especially through “new” media like the internet and text messaging.  What the massive amount of support for Moussavi indicates is that an increasing number of Iranians are unhappy with Iran as it now stands: think America circa November 2008.

Anyway, the results came out late last night that Ahmadinejad came out with a sizable majority of the vote: something like 65%.  All of the polls, though unreliable in Iran, had indicated a very tight race.  Support for Moussavi is very, very strong.  So, lots of Iranians are pissed, crying foul and deeming the election rigged by the current leadership.

Pissed enough, in fact, to do this:

In 1979 a similar march swept the streets of Tehran, the Iranian capital.  The battle cry?  “Death to America!”

This time around?  “Death to the dictator!”

I don’t know about you, but I find this incredible fascinating.

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