Epic theology quotes

Courtesy of Karl Barth, the greatest theologian of the twentieth century:

Within history, Jesus as the Christ can be understood only as Problem or Myth.  As the Christ, He brings the world of the Father.  But we who stand in this concrete world know nothing, and are incapable of knowing anything, of that other world.  The Resurrection from the dead is, however, the transformation: the establishing or declaration of that point from above, and the corresponding discerning of it from below.  The Resurrection is the revelation: the disclosing of Jesus as the Christ, the appearing of God, and the apprehending of God in Jesus.  The Resurrection is the emergence of the necessity of giving glory to God: the reckoning with what is unknown and unobservable in Jesus, the recognition of Him as Paradox, Victor, and Primal History.  In the Resurrection the new world of the Holy Spirit touches the old world of the flesh, but touches it as a tangent touches a circle, that is, without touching it.  And, precisely because it does not touch it, it touches it as the frontier—as the new world.  The Resurrection is therefore an occurrence in history, which took place outside the gates of Jerusalem in the year A.D. 30, inasmuch as it there ‘came to pass’, was discovered and recognized.  But inasmuch as the occurrence was conditioned by the Resurrection, in so far, that is, as it was not the ‘coming to pass’, or the discovery, or the recognition, which conditioned its necessity and appearance and revelation, the Resurrection is not an event in history at all.

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