Self-Awareness, Again

Two frustrating things I am learning about myself:

1.  I am something of a gossip.  It’s difficult to say, at this point, exactly how.  I think it’s just that I value information, and assume that others do too.  Thing is, sometimes people don’t need to know things.  And other times, they shouldn’t know things, they should learn things on their own, or work it out for themselves.  That kind of thing.  It’s hard for me to recognize when all of that is the case.

2.  I am judgmental.  It’s incredible how much I think I can tell about a person after just one look, you know?  I guess it would be OK if I was always judging people positively, but that’s not what’s usually going on.  I need to realize that people are complex, that there is a little good in even the most evil person, and a little evil in even the most virtuous.  Being aware of both seems wise.  People are, after all, created in the imago Dei and creatures of the Fall, right?

Repentance is like pulling a dagger from a wound.

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