Ah, Humility

I’m taking a class in Biblical Theology from our very own Dr. Frank Anthony Spina.  I got A’s on my daily assignments thus far, so I decided to put about the same amount of effort into our biweekly essays.  Got it back this week accused of the straw man fallacies and a handful of non sequiturs—a 76% C.

Ah, how I love me some humble pie.  I think I start on the next one a little sooner.

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One Response to Ah, Humility

  1. teamchauncey says:

    you and me both brother. He told me to “Make an argument!” and gave me a mediocre grade. This time I made an argument…It’s a strong one. I am trying to talk about a foundation for proper exegesis…I am girding up my loins.

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