Going . . . Going . . .

Via SPU’s Dr. Nienhuis, a provocative op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor entitled, “The Coming Evangelical Collapse”.  Read ’em and weep.

Now, I consider myself an evangelical in every sense except the ones commonly associated with the word “evangelical”.  So that’s too bad.  But generally this doesn’t make me very sad, for a number of reasons which I don’t particularly want to blog about right now because I don’t have anything original to say.  But I do think the issue is worth exploring.

Michael Spencer’s blog here.  He’s good.  Part One of the extended version of his article, originally in blog form, here.  Parts Two and Three here and here.

Basically, people, they’re onto us.  You can’t say one thing and do another for twenty, fifty, a hundred years and expect no one, your followers included, to notice.

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