Life these days

Blogging is light lately, which annoys me much more than it annoys you, I’m sure.  It’s hard to be a blogger and an internal processor, because I never feel ready to express the things I’m thinking about until they’re coherent and intelligible.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but it does make for slow going.

Anyway, I’m finishing up the last two weeks of the quarter, and what I really need is some California sunshine, which is just one vehicle beyond my grasp.  And I feel like that’s kind of a metaphor for the way my whole life seems to go lately: big dreams, but with little means to achieve them.  The weather outside is cold and dry and what I need is heat and the spray of the ocean on my face, the taste of salt on my lips.  I want the tops of my shoulders and the bridge of my nose to be pink and irritated.

Also, I have the sudden urge to shave.  That means shedding about four years off of my face, but if I leave enough stubble I can avoid looking seventeen again, I think.  A beard just doesn’t feel right when it starts to get warm.

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One Response to Life these days

  1. ben adam says:

    No, it annoys me just as much you. Moreover, agreed to all of the above.

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