The Crisis Made (Relatively) Simple

If you want a basic grasp of the issue in about ten minutes, this introduction is about as good as it gets.

So, why is our economy headed straight for Hades?  In a word, greed:



Part 2 after the jump.


(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan [sorry fin])

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7 Responses to The Crisis Made (Relatively) Simple

  1. ben adam says:

    Boy, I’m really glad the Obama administration is changing all of this by you know not bailing those greedy bastards out…oh wait, did I hear $1.5 trillion is going to be given to bail-out the banks? It’s like re-igniting the fuse. Real change would mean an alternative system, not a more “responsible” way of doing the old system. Morality cannot be legislated. It is impossible. I am not trying to attack your ideologies or beliefs. I merely want to point out that Barack Obama’s plan is only going to exacerbate the problem or issue in a new level of socialism unprecedented in the U.S. Not to mention, this video gave no heed to the military-industrial complex which also makes Wall St. filthy-f@!%ing-rich while screwing everyone at the bottom. It’s time a new alternative was formed among the followers of Christ. Not a community looking to overthrow the government, but rather, one that invites people to live in a whole new way that does not rely on greed to create prosperity, one that does not define prosperity by the value, quality, and quantity of possessions, but one that defines prosperity by the quality of love one has for G_d, neighbor, stranger, and enemy. Peace!

  2. urbanfall says:

    Yeesh. Easy, brother. Just because I voted for the man doesn’t mean I’ve put all of my faith in government to solve the world’s problems or bring justice to the earth.

  3. ben adam says:

    I didn’t say that. I’m just really upset with Obama.

  4. fin says:

    take out that g o d word, ben, and you’ve got yourself some 200 proof marxism right there.
    i like the cut of your jib.
    i probably like the cut of your hair, too.
    how should we overthrow capitalism? cause i’m totally down.

  5. ben adam says:

    Unfortunately, without that g o d word its one new dominant structure to rule the lesser. When the proletariat comes to power, a lot of people die, and what for? A new upper class and lower class? A new oppressive structure? Only with that g o d word can it be possible for everyone to be equal, for it puts the leadership into G_d’s hands without needing to start a new structure, without needing to start the entire system over again. Rather, G_d gives us the ability to start a new alternative system right under the noses of the capitalists. While they’re busy with crashing economies, we’ll be busy enjoying each other’s company in a debt-free system of mutual aid. Like the amish. Peace!

  6. fin says:

    haha, hi, yes, i’m here.
    i liked the video generally. it did a reasonably good job at trying to explain capital growth and how it’s a fucked system to begin with. i sure as shit couldn’t do any better.
    ben, i gotta be straight with you: your jib is slightly less appealing today.
    what about me? and most of the people i know?
    we don’t believe in god.
    a system where god is the new upper class doesn’t work for me. and frankly, god’s got kind of a poopy record when it comes to solving matters of political economy.
    all i’m saying is, i doubt the browns are going to win the superbowl anytime soon. or ever.
    they’re the browns.
    maybe we should be thinking smaller: i like this mutual aid you speak of.
    can we agree that getting rid of our front lawns and planting gardens might be a good idea? that might help enact some social and economic change…

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