My next big crush

I wish Winter and I could just break up.  Honestly, this relationship was over a month before it began; after Autumn left me (ah, my one true love!), she seemed like such a good option (I mean, Christmas was really fun), but now, I’m definitely regretting it.  She’s high maintenance: I have to buy new things for her all the time, and she never lets me go out without dressing up.  She hates t-shirts, shorts, and sandals.  When I walk around barefoot, Winter bites me.  She doesn’t even like flowers: last time I brought her some, she didn’t take any care of them at all, and they died in two days.  I’m sick of her already, and so are most of my friends: when she’s around they get coughs and sniffles and sometimes even nausea.  It’s just not as fun as it used to be.

See lately, I’m really into this girl Spring.  Spring is a cute blonde with green eyes and an infectious smile.  She likes gardening in white skirts and rain boots and sings to herself the whole time: how cute is that?  But damn, is she a flirt.  I catch glimpses of her around campus every other day or so, and she just flashes me that big smile, with maybe a wave (the wave is the worst; I melt every time) and, if I’m really lucky, a nice hello.  Her perfume is invigorating and purifying, and it’s nothing but rain and flowers and strawberries as she rushes by (what’s the rush anyway?), but before my head can turn back (tugged along, no doubt, by my nose) she’s disappeared around the corner and I don’t hear from her for a week.  Spring never returns my calls.

Winter’s the jealous type, and whenever that kind of thing happens she gives me the cold shoulder for a few days, just to show me who’s boss.

I’m not sure things are working out between us.

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2 Responses to My next big crush

  1. ben adam says:

    Dude, seriously, agreed.

  2. Chaunce says:

    Dude. You write a blog that is way better than mine. Carry on. I agree with you though. You never mentioned summer…She’s the most beautiful of all.

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