Interesting things that happened today:

1.  Went to Episcopalian church.  I usually take my shoes off during the service and walk up to take communion barefoot.  The procession forward is kind of slow, and so I kind of look around a lot.  This guy closest to me in the pew I was walking past was wearing really nice leather shoes, and then I saw that he was also wearing leather pants.  Admittedly, I did a bit of a double take, which was ironic, because he was doing the same thing at my bare feet.  Also, I like coming home smelling like incense.

2.  Tried to go to a mosque.  It was closed, the website gave us the wrong times.  So much for that.

3.  Interviewed a Muslim acquaintance about her faith (2 and 3 are for class).  That was interesting!  Turns out she’s a Muslim feminist who wants to move back to Somalia to teach Islam.  She’s very concerned about the subordination of women in the Islamic world—said it’s bothered her even since it was a kid.  Then I asked her the always provocative question, “Who was Jesus Christ and what was His message?”  Turns out Muslims believe that God swapped Jesus out in the Garden of Gethsemane and substituted some dude.  So God “saved” Jesus from crucifixion—in fact, Jesus never died, but is in heaven, and at the end of the world he will return to fight Christianity!  Super-interesting.

That’s my excitement for the day.

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