On Introversion

Being an introvert in ministry is exhausting.  I spent nine straight hours with people today and it wasn’t until I got back to my room that I realized how exhausted I was.  People are my crack, as my friend Lindsey says, but damn are they tiring.

I mean, I love people, I really do.  They bring me joy.  But I got back into my room at 9 today and was finally alone, and it was glorious.  My shoulders relaxed and I took a deep breath of solitude.  I sat on my computer.  I played my roommate’s guitar (don’t tell him).  I read my Bible: Phillippians really hit the spot today.  I prayed.  I don’t even need that much time alone, but the moment I closed the door my batteries began to recharge.  

I’m discovering that I really need that time.  It’s hard to get living in the dorms, but it’s desperately important.  Today I about ran out of batteries, and I was hardly any good to anyone, I think.  There’s a time to give, and a time to receive.

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