Crappy economies affect me too

I found out today that our yearly spring-break choir tour has been canceled.  Traditionally the university sends us on an all-expenses-paid tour of one of our target areas—Portland or Chicago or SoCal—and sends admissions along with us.  You figure a tour costs 30 grand, and you recruit two students, you’ve paid for the trip, so it actually makes good financial sense.  But I think they did something quite honorable: they took our money and transferred it to Financial Aid.  I say, that’s a better use of resources, and I’m really happy to see the university look out for those of us (myself among them) whose student debt is looking insurmountable as it is.

Plus, now I have a real spring break.  Question is, what should I do with it?  This is, after all, my one chance for a college spring break road trip.  Hmm .  .  . this blogger is open to suggestions from his faithful and few readers.

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2 Responses to Crappy economies affect me too

  1. Alec says:

    I hear the best night’s sleep you can get is in a dry riverbed in Arizona. I know a place in Dallas that serves the best chicken-fried steak. Walking across the Brooklyn bridge at night one time will put all other bridges to a stone-masoned shame. Ain’t no grass as soft as that in Paduca, Kentucky, with nothin’ but a shovel and cup of coffee. You don’t know how black a man’s heart is till you see the Black Hills.

    I don’t know man, just go somewhere!

  2. ben adam says:

    We could spend a week on the streets with no money and maybe a blanket to keep us warm…just saying.

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