You know what?  Sometimes, people can surprise you!

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3 Responses to Hmph.

  1. ben adam says:

    Did you hear I’m an anarchist now?

    • urbanfall says:

      I saw on Facebook, and I find the whole thing tempting myself. You should look up this Jacques Ellul guy, a Christian Anarchist from France. I went to Powell’s looking for his stuff and wound up with a different book instead, but I will get to him eventually.

  2. ben adam says:

    You should check out this book I’m reading right now. Not by Christian Anarchists but it is really cool nonetheless. They are anarchists for the purpose of being better able to being communally connected. It’s a way to fight complacency which I find awesome. Moreover, a lot of the stuff they say is really similar to Hauerwas–especially concerning our so-called “rights”. What they understand as inherent, I ascribe to G_d, which is why I like them. It’s pretty cool. I’ve heard of Ellul from John Hyde. I hear he’s pretty tight. Peace!

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